NOBLE FIR   (ABIES PROCERA) – Premium Quality

Absolutely superb. Dense green needles with a slightly blue hue create a very bushy majestic no needle drop tree. Once you have bought one of these Nobles you will never buy anything else!!

4ft          £39.99
5ft          £49.99
6ft          £62.99
7ft          £84.00
8ft          £99.00


The famous no needle drop tree. Incredibly bushy with thick dark glossy needles, and perfect pyramid shape.

3ft          £34.99
4ft          £39.99
5ft          £44.99
6ft          £49.99
7ft          £69.99
8ft          £89.99
9ft          £119.00
10ft         £149.00
11ft         £179.00
12ft         £249.00

Stands for Nobles and Nordmanns: 4ft to 6ft trees will need a metal 4″ stand at £21.99; 7ft and 8ft a 5″ stand at £29.99. The Pedal Adjustment stand will also support 4ft to 8ft trees.  For 9ft  trees,  a medium Titan stand and 10ft to 12ft trees  should be supported in a large Titan stand. Trees over 12ft will need additional support. We strongly advise early ordering of 10ft plus trees


The traditional tree with strong scented needles. Use one of our water holding stands to improve needle holding.

4ft          £22.99
5ft          £26.99
6ft          £32.99
7ft          £39.99
8ft          £59.99
9ft          £79.99
10 – 12ft   £129.00
13 -14ft    £179.00

Please note – the trees in the 10 to 12ft bracket are a minimum of 10ft and a maximum of 12ft.  Similarly, trees in the 13 to 14ft bracket are a minimum of 13ft and a maximum of 14ft. We cannot guarantee a tree of a particular size within these size brackets. To avoid disappointment we strongly advise early ordering of these larger trees.

Stands for Norway Spruce: 4ft to 6ft – 3″ metal stand at £17.50, 7ft to 9ft – 4″, 5″ or Pedal Adjustment stands. Trees of 10ft to 12ft should be supported in a large Titan stand. 13 to 14ft trees should also be supported in a large Titan stand but will also require extra support. We strongly advise early ordering of 10ft plus trees.

POT GROWN TREES – Premium Quality

Be warned !! A lot of Christmas trees sold in pots are containerised, that is they are dug up from the open ground and potted up before sale. Our pot grown trees have been grown in pots from seedling stage and therefore stand a much greater chance of surviving when planted outside after Christmas. Our prices include a lovely red pot cover worth £7.99!

3ft to 4ft          £54.99
4ft to 5ft         £59.99   5ft plus £64.99

Norway Spruce
3ft to 4ft          £39.99
4ft to 5ft          £44.50  5ft plus  £49.99

Colorado Blue Spruce
2ft to 3ft          £37.99    3ft to 4ft £44.99
4ft to 5ft          £46.50    5ft plus £54.99

Fraser Fir (Abies fraseri)
3ft to 4ft          £47.99
4ft to 5ft          £54.99    5ft plus £59.99


Picea glauca albertiana ‘Conica’

(Appx)  40cm         £11.99
Emerald green, a lovely little pyramid tree, dense needles


We have an excellent range of tree stands to suit every tree (and pocket !).
All our stands can hold water so the tree can draw water through the trunk into the needles. This is particularly important for Norway Spruces to aid needle retention. Nobles and Nordmanns will hold their needles very well but keeping the trunk in water will help keep needles fresh for longer. 10ft to 13ft trees should be supported in a heavy duty Titan stand.

Metal Decorative Stands in Green, Gold, Red and Black.
(3” Stands only in Green)
3″          £17.50
4″          £24.99
5″          £29.99
6”          £36.99

Pedal Adjustment Stand                      £49.99
No need to waste time adjusting screws to get the tree vertical – simply hold the tree upright in the stand and press the foot pedal. The jaws are pulled tight and automatically adjust to the size and shape of the trunk.  Our medium stand is 4.0kg for trunk diameters up to (12cm) and heights up to 8ft (appx 2.50m)

Titan medium stand for trees up to 10ft (3m)          £47.99
Titan large stand for trees 10 to 13ft  (4m)                £59.99


Fantastic choice of lights suitable for indoors and outdoors; exquisite handmade door wreaths; mistletoe, holly and natural garlands.

LED Supabright Lights  £10-£24

Mistletoe  £4.99

Holly         £4.99

Natural Garland  £42.99

Poinsettia Plants  £9.99


The delivery charge of £20 is automatically added to your order.

If you would like your tree to be collected after New Year (only available for innere London postcodes) , please select this service at the same time as you initially order your tree. We start collections on the 5th January 2021 at a cost of £20